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Knowledge Spanning multiple fields of expertise

IT Consulting

Offering a wealth of experience and an adaptive approach, top-tier IT consulting services are provided. These include analyzing existing systems, identifying potential areas for improvement, and developing strategic plans to enhance efficiency, security, and scalability. This service brings a deep understanding of the latest technologies to devise the most effective solutions tailored to unique business needs.

IT Architecture

Every business is unique, and so are its IT needs. Specializing in designing customized IT architecture solutions that align with business goals, this service ranges from assessing current infrastructure to designing and implementing advanced IT systems. The aim is to ensure that the technology framework is optimized for maximum efficiency, scalability, and resilience.

Network Engineering

A well-designed network is the backbone of any successful business. By designing and implementing robust network solutions that are secure, reliable, and scalable, this service caters to diverse networking needs. Whether it's a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or a complex hybrid solution, this service ensures the network meets current needs and is ready for future growth.

Administration and Automation

Administration and Automation are crucial for streamlining operations and boosting productivity. Comprehensive administration services maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot systems, ensuring seamless operations. Alongside this, automation solutions are provided to reduce manual efforts and minimize the risk of human error. Leveraging customized software tools enhances efficiency and reliability of network operations, helping to free up resources for strategic tasks. The systematic approach minimizes downtime and helps prevent potential issues before they arise.

Professional Toolkit & Project Readiness

Fully Equipped w/ Tools and Hardware

  • Cisco Enterprise Network Switches
    • For Testing and Scripting
  • Cisco CML License & GNS 3 Software
    • Enterprise Network Modeling
  • 5G T-Mobile Portable Hotspot Modified w/ Removable External Antennas
    • Testing / Troubleshooting / Just in case
  • Portable Oscilloscope & Knowledge to use it
    • Troubleshooting Low Voltage & Hardware Issues
  • Cable Toner & Multi-Function Cable Tester
  • Cisco Cables, Serial to USB, Mini USB
  • RJ45 / 11 Crimp Tool, Punch down Tool, and any other tools one would expect of a seasoned Network Engineer

Flexible Schedule & Locations 

  • Willing to relocate temporarily for larger projects spanning multiple months
  • Available work must meet or exceed 40 hours a week from agreed start date & throughout the project until near end
    • Final weeks may be under during finalizing, documentation, cleanup, etc.
  • Day, Evening or  Midnight, 12 and 20 hours
    • My only set rule is to allow enough uninterrupted, meeting-free rest in between unless it's an emergency.

Programming, Scripting & Custom Apps

  • Advanced in Power Shell & Auto IT Languages
  • Proficient in several other C-Like and VB-Like Software & Hardware languages
    • Software Design has been instrumental, from crafting custom applications that expedited firewall deployments at Nuspire Networks, to streamlining administration and networking tasks.
    • Recent achievements include crafting code that interfaces with Cisco switches, retrieving data from multiple queries, correlating this data, and generating a CSV file for easy Excel workbook modification.
  • Proficient in Web HTML, CSS, MS SQL, and MYSQL

Other Areas of Knowledge & Experience

  • Electrical Engineering Enthusiast / Hardware Hacker
    • Intricate knowledge of individual components and functions
    • Ability to troubleshoot and repair, down to individual components with a full understanding of each, up to transistors and FET’s but not more complex digital circuits / devices such as Logic Gates.
  • This knowledge has aided in various ways over the years with troubleshooting, diagnostics and custom solutions.

VMware & Hyper-V
Virtualization Expertise

From fresh installations to the nuanced design and implementation of IT infrastructure, my expertise spans a wide spectrum of technologies including virtualization, iSCSI, fiber, direct-attached storage, and site-to-site replication. Whether you're aiming to integrate backup solutions, such as tape or disk across various connection types, or considering upgrades to bolster your existing infrastructure, my comprehensive knowledge ensures a seamless transition. Additionally, should you encounter challenges with your current setup, I offer proficient troubleshooting and can adeptly resolve issues, enhancing system efficiency and security. My experience also covers advanced areas such as Microsoft clustering for Hyper-V support, as well as LAN/VLAN segmentation for optimal network security.


IT Architecture Engineering & Consulting

  • David M. Orlo | Sole Proprietor
  • Michigan based business,  Foreign qualifications in GA and TN
  • $2 Million Professional Liability + General and Auto / Property | Harborway Insurance
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